• We started NZ for YOU because we wanted others around the world to be able to enjoy and benefit from the wonderful products we have here in New Zealand as much as we do – and not just any products but the latest, on trend and desired products we have on offer in New Zealand.

    It is our goal to make purchasing and sending gifts of New Zealand products to anywhere in the world simple, easy and cost effective for you.  We want your recipient to be delighted with the beautifully packaged box when it arrives and the accompanying personalized gift message that may come with it.  We also understand that you may want to purchase goods in higher volume for your own use.

    We recognize you may want inspiration from our customized boxes or may want to create your own box from our ever changing products on offer.

    We love New Zealand and everything that it represents and provides us and want you, and anyone you may want to share this with, to benefit from it as much we do!