A number of people make up the NZ FOR YOU team, all with a common view of providing our customers with products and services that will exceed their expectations. The founders and key management driving this passion through the business are as follows:

Founder and Director

Donna Marris

Growing up in a pioneering Marlborough wine making family, Donna has a strong passion for everything New Zealand. This passion and the desire to share what we have created in New Zealand has led to the creation of NZ for YOU.

Donna has built up an extensive resume from a range of senior functional roles across varied business sectors. For the five years prior to her embarking on the NZ for YOU journey, Donna played a key role on the Executive Management team of ECOYA (NZX listed company “Trilogy International”) focusing on marketing/brand, digital, retail and new product development - releasing over 100 new products in the last two years.

Prior to this, her experience included executive positions in the not for profit sector, strategy development and ten years in the financial markets in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Donna is also on the Board of a large privately owned technology company.

Creative Designer

Alenka Hollow (Hollow Creative)

Alenka has an unparalleled passion for design.  The considerable experience she has gained from working with clients from a wide range of industries has given her a varied skill set and technical expertise in the creative field.  This has provided a significant contribution to NZ for YOU as it has developed and continues to develop its brand identity.

Alenka loves creating consistent designs that enhance a business and solidify their identity. She has an agile and creative design mind providing NZ for YOU with the skills and abilities to ensure not only NZ for YOU, but all the NZ brands that we are partnering with, are presented with great design at the core.  In addition, her contribution to fresh creative thinking for our corporate customers ensures NZ for YOU can deliver on its objective of ensuring corporates can create enduring memories for their clients.

Co-Founder and Head of Digital Strategy

Chris Grimshaw-Jones

Chris’s passionate interest in delivering the best digital experience for consumers has led to him shaping and delivering award winning/market leading digital capabilities for a number of New Zealand companies.  His deep interest in user experience and digital design has ensured he is a sought out opinion leader in this field. 

As a co-founder of NZ for YOU, Chris’s agile and strategic thinking provides the team with the skills and capabilities to deliver the optimum user experience for our customers.  Chris is proud of New Zealand’s culture of producing excellence from our people and natural resources and is keen to ensure others around the world can benefit from this as much as we do.

Business Development

Anna Nathan

Anna started her career as a lawyer, practising litigation and intellectual property in New Zealand and London. After 6 years in law, Anna moved into legal recruitment in London before moving home and working at a top law firm managing their graduate recruitment.

Anna has always had a keen interest in e-commerce and, since having her two girls, has been involved in e-commerce start-ups both from a legal perspective as well as in sales and business development. Anna is a proud New Zealander and is thrilled to be able to assist in the growth of the NZ for YOU brand both in NZ and abroad. Anna has a LLB BSc from the University of Otago.

Business Development

Lu Wang

Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment where business was always discussed at the dinner table, Lu has always enjoyed the opportunities that prevail in the business world. Having a passion for both science innovation and business has led Lu to having a strong interest in the strengths that New Zealand has in their product innovation.

As a Chinese-born Kiwi, Lu is naturally adept to both cultures and languages. Over the years, she has developed a strong passion for understanding and building connections to the Chinese market. Her strategic mindset and cultural sensitivity have contributed to her significant success in helping New Zealand businesses navigate and succeed in the Asian markets.

Lu has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Bioscience Enterprise (MbioEnt) from the University of Auckland. Her Master's thesis was focused on the establishment of an online presence via Chinese social media by New Zealand nutraceutical companies.