NZ for YOU is the go to team in the corporate gifting market when you want to create a unique and memorable impression that will surprise and delight your clients.

We are on trend, responsive and fresh thinking. We live and breathe New Zealand and what we can uniquely provide – from our country's best skincare and health products to our wonderful merino, jewellery and unique art.

We do not work with just any New Zealand product suppliers - we work with the most respected, on trend suppliers we have here in New Zealand to provide inspiration and uniqueness to your gifting.

Your gifts will be boxed beautifully and can be couriered to your client’s residence or office wherever it is in the world - and we can take responsibility for ensuring that happens with access to our discounted courier rates.

If you are travelling to meet international customers, we can courier your pre-selected corporate gifts to your overseas hotel awaiting your arrival or if you have international guests visiting New Zealand, you can show them their gift whilst here and we will then courier it directly to their home country.



We are full of ideas and ready to help you achieve something that helps you stand out -  that tricky client whom you need to impress or help get a job back on track, or those that you really want to make sure that they remember their time favourably here in New Zealand - our creative team is ready to help you solve your problem for no additional cost.

Click here to see some examples from the NZ for YOU team and check out below images.


On leaving New Zealand:


An incentive trip to New Zealand: 


Why should you use NZ for You?

  • We want your brand and your clients' connection to New Zealand to be memorable
  • You know we will care as much about your clients’ experience as you do
  • You love the link to pure New Zealand and all it represents
  • You know we will work with you to ensure you are presented with product choices that are uniquely tailored to your individual budget and requirements
  • You appreciate that your clients may welcome being able to courier the gift box, home, hence not having to carry additional luggage on their travels
  • You know the gift will be packaged beautifully
  • You want to benefit from our love of great branding and visual appeal in everything we do
  • You know we will work with you to create and/or include cards, branding or any other marketing collateral you may desire.
  • We are proud of New Zealand and what we offer and would love to help your brand be memorable to your clients through this very association. 

Please email us at or call Donna on +64 27 2771264 to let us help you achieve your requirements.